Painting for Careers.
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Painting for Careers.

How to progress in any career track and get promoted.

Out of all "how to progress in your career" strategies, this is the one that makes the most sense for me.

The canvas strategy.

It's simple. But it doesn't seem like natural behavior.

All you have to do to progress at your job is to help your boss with their goals - by boss, I mean the person that's going to promote you or indicate you for promotion.

I don't think people really understand this. In our day-to-day working lives we get stuck in ego battles and pesky fights, just to show superiority to our coworkers. It's so stupid. They're just coworkers. Tribal instincts are hard to kick.

Your goals should be your boss' goals.

She wants more sales? Close more deals.

She wants more efficiency? See how to optimize processes in the team.

She wants to get promoted? Well, just help her get that promotion!

This applies to all aspects of your career, even if you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or anything in between.

Freelancing? Solve your clients' problems. If you do, they'll keep coming back for more and quite possibly pay you more, if you ask for it.

Entrepreneur? You can only start a new business if you solve a problem for your users. Create a solution, tell them about it, and keep catering to their needs.

Along the way, remind them that you're doing this. Promote your work, inside the company or the world. Display it in shining lights.

"I'm going to be a pushover."

No. You may be working on their goals, but you have your end vision in mind. Steps in the ladder to get to where you want to be.

"Diogo, that's kinda selfish."

No, it isn't.

You are helping someone reach their goals. How in the world can that be bad? You are making sure that you are fulfilling the obligations they hired you to do without the ego BS and watercooler politics. You're taking steps to not be a pushover. Working on other people's goals without knowing your own goals will make you spin around in circles.

And don't forget: do not stamp on anyone. The world is a very, very small place.