What I'm doing Now.

This is my now page.


🎒 Digital nomad. Currently in Krakow, Poland.


🔍 Doing on-demand landing page audits at Landing Audit.

🛠  Consultant & freelance Growth Hacker for several independent projects. I specialize on funnel optimization, paid media, and copywriting.

🧪 Developing several projects as the Head of Growth at Happyfact.

✨ Building & learning in public on LinkedIn, Twitter, and this blog.

Free time:

💭 Thinking about how nomadism and remote work will change how we live.

🎥 Slowly learning more about video editing and filmmaking.


Previous projects that failed.

🎓 Talentun

💸 Ecommerce Fees

Last updated:

November 6th, 2021.