I'm a Growth Marketing Partner for Founders

Founders reach out when they need to scale their products and can't figure out how.

Not another big promises, low results growth guy

Growth Marketing is full of people promising much, and delivering little. The revolutionary paid media campaign, the unbeatable SEO play, or the secret retention tactic. Let's be honest here: short term thinking doesn't build a great business.

I focus on fundamentals and working closely with you. This means understanding your product, mapping your ICP and communication guidelines, and layout steps to test channels and optimizations. I can't promise revolutionary results in 3 months -- but I can promise a path towards sustainable acquisition.

Focus on the long-term

No shady short-term tactics. Together we'll build sustainable acquisition channels.

Creating processes and scalability

Growth doesn't have to be chaotic. Great companies need scale, and for scale you need processes.

Deep understanding of your business

We'll detail your ICP, value propositions, and communication guidelines together.

What I can do

I'm a generalist marketer. If you're looking for someone to guide Growth and Marketing in the beginning, I'm your guy.

Positioning & Messaging

Acquisition Channels

Marketing Automation & Processes

Onboarding Improvements

User Retention

Product Marketing

What my partners can do

If something's out of my skill set, I'll call on others to help. If you need recommendations for these services, I'll provide them.


Mobile App Development

Webapp development

UX/UI Design

Personal Branding

Social Media Marketing

What people say about my work

I've collected praise and results over the years from founders who saw their companies grow.

Diogo solves problems with autonomy and velocity. He's very straightforward and transparent. He helped install a strong culture of experimentation at Networkme while supporting us in improving and product/market discovery processes.

Marcelo Manteigas

Marcelo Manteigas, Networkme.io

Grew Sniffies by 65% with Paid Media in 8 months.

Optimized their main acquisition channel, display ads. Managed to both increase the number of users and the number of upgrades, while reducing the cost per user.

B2C SaaS

Diogo helped me whenever I had to discuss and dig further into growth and marketing-related subjects. We had several working and ideation sessions with him while Crowdclass was looking for a Product-Market fit. Diogo's insights and ideas helped us iterate further, unblock thoughts, challenge our views, and align our course of action.

Filipe's profile picture

Filipe, crowdclass.com

Diogo has helped us to clarify many issues about our growth and product strategy. Our market is complex, and I was skeptical about working with an external collaborator at the first moment, but Diogo did great hands-on work and was flexible to do whatever we needed to achieve results.

Jair Junior

Jair Junior, gstudioapp.com

Diogo never exposes a problem without a possible solution. He's extremely proactive person solving challenges with different tools and platforms.

Sofia Robalo

Sofia Robalo, xmoney.com

Growth Marketing to $100M in Transactions

Planned & executed the launch of major announcement and paid media campaigns while running social media efforts for a B2B fintech.

B2B SaaS

Paid Media

Growth Strategy

His work for Tap My Back was key in not only testing new acquisition channels, but also improving our website and trial onboarding process. His expertise and attention to detail led to a noticeable increase in our visitor-to-trial conversion rate.

Vitor Soares

Vitor Soares, tapmyback.com

0 to +82.000€ in revenue with Paid Media & Email Marketing

Managed to grow a store still using the standard Woocommerce theme. Great ad creatives, plus personal copy in the ads. Wine sector, NDA protected.


Paid Media

Email Marketing

Your ideal Growth partner

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I'll look at data, create materials, and talk to users. Great strategies come from execution and direct feedback.

Image of a team working together

Team Player

I'll get to know your team and become part of it, instead of just sitting in the sidelines. You need operators, not dead weight.

Image of a target

Personalized Strategy

I won't copy-paste what's popular right now. Every company is different so I'll look at it with an unique set of eyes.

About me

I'm Diogo, and I've been doing Growth Marketing for 5+ years and launching startups for 4 years. Throughout this time I've also done UX Design, UI Design, and Full-Stack Development.

I realized early on that the best way to learn is by doing. Hence why I consistently launch new projects. To experiment, learn new skills, and improve myself.

Thanks to that and the fact I build in public, I've gained some attention on social media. That's how most of my clients heard about me, and probably how you ended up here.

I believe great things happen to those who make, and make fast. If you share that belief, then we have much in common.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Let's see if there's a fit fit to work together. If you prefer to work async, email me at diogo@matosdfm.com.